Keaskates 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

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Keaskates 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Stuck on what gift to get for the skater in your life? Look no further! We know it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect gift to help them on their skating journey or to add to their skatey collection, so we have created a list filled with our favourite items from 2022 that’ll be perfect for any skater!

  • Snowfeet- Skates for the snow!

    If you’re looking for something a little different, rather than another pair of roller skates, we Snowfeet! Skates for the winter months which you can attach to your winter shoes to turn them into mini skis! It feels like roller skating on the snow! Kea is completely obsessed with these, and cannot wait for Winter 2023!
    Get ahead of the winter demand and grab a pair of Snowfeet, so the skater in your life can skate year-round!
    Keaskates product Snowfeet collection Snowfeet II

  • Derby Laces

    A quick and easy way to change up the look of your skaters’ set up; New Laces! We have an awesome collection of Derby Laces, the ultimate waxed laces! Available in a wide range of colours and styles, from classic White to Rainbow Stripes to Hot Pink Spark!
    Pro tip: Most hight top/ artistic style skates require laces at least 96” long. If you’re unsure of what size laces your skates require, send us an email at
    Keaskates product Derby Laces collection Bulk Pile

  • Harmony cap

    Looking for something a bit more versatile? How about a skate themed Cap? One of our most popular items this year, the Harmony Cap will be a great gift for your skater whether they’re on or off wheels this summer! With artwork of Roller Skates and Inline Skates, a skate themed cap is the perfect way for your skater to share the love of skating!
    Kea wearing Grey Harmony Cap with sunset background
  • Infusion Drink Bottle

    We all know how important it is to stay hydrated before, during and after exercising! Why not go for an infusion drink bottle with skates on it? Maybe your skater wants to get a little bit more out of their water? An Infusion Bottle is great for the Health-conscious skater, so they can make healthy, customized drinks to take on the go, or the skater who struggles to stay hydrated, so they can make their water more delicious and look more enticing!

  • Geo Heart Wax

    Is the skater in your life into aggressive park skating? These gorgeous Geo Heart Skate Waxes are the perfect little booster to help advance their moves and get those slides smoother and longer! Available in a wide range of colours and 3 different formulas; Soft, Hard and Hybrid!
    Pro tip: Soft Wax is great for rough street surfaces; Hard Wax is great for Skatepark coping and ledges and Hybrid Wax is perfect for the skater who likes a little of both!
    BONUS: Skaters can use wax on outdoor skating surfaces for spins and dance moves on rougher ground!
    Keaskates Product Geometric Heart shaped skate wax

  • Twinkle Toes Toe Stops

    Peeling through your toe stops? Why not go for some funky toe stops in Twinkle star shapes! These stoppers have been put to the test by Kea on smooth, slick, and extra rough surfaces and they are her favourite toe stops so far! Use them down-hill, or to get up hill, use them in the skate park or on smooth rink floors. The grip and durability of the Rollerstuff Twinkle Toes toe stops is extremely versatile and the shape is super cute with a gorgeous colour selection! These have a slightly smaller profile than most other toe stops, so they are great for the skater moving into roller dance, who are still a little nervous about using jam plugs!

  • Swirls Jam Plugs

    On the topic of roller dance and jam plugs, we present to you Swirls Jam Plugs! These are smaller, harder and WAY better to look at that your standard jam plugs! If you know a skater who wants to level up their roller dance moves, these are the plugs you want! The acrylic material helps to smooth out toe spins and slides while freeing up more toe movement for fluid dance moves! With a vibrant colour selection all featuring a swirled design, these Swirls jam plugs will make a beautiful, unique gift!

  • Gift Voucher

    When all else fails, can you ever really go wrong with a voucher?! We have a range of vouchers available for gifting! You can pick a voucher for something specific, like Bearing and Wheel Cleaning or Thread Repairs! If you are unsure about what may need a little TLC, grab our Skate Fitness Check! Know a skater looking to level up their skating or get into park competition, try our 1 on 1 Skate lessons! Or maybe you really want to give the receiver the gift of choice with Our Keaskates Vouchers which can be used on the online store, for 1 on 1 Roller Skate Lessons or for any service, Including Custom Builds!

  • Small Gifts

    if you’re looking for small skatey gifts or stocking stuffers, you can’t go wrong with some super cute accessories! Gift your skater some Roller skate memorabilia Like the Rollerskate Crazy Straw, or the roller skate sticky note pad! If your skater loves to decorate their helmet or drink bottle with stickers, why not add to the collection with one of our sticker packs!

So, there it is! Our Holiday Gift Guide for 2022! If none of these gift ideas fit your skater, I’m sure anything with skates on it would be happily received!
There are lots of skate goodies on our website if you’re looking for something a bit bigger, and if you’re still having some trouble, we welcome all questions!
Please feel free to send us an email at


Has our list helped you to make your gifting decision? Did you gift something off our list?
Tell us about it in the comments below!

If you’re a skater, let us know what skate gifts you love receiving!

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