About Keaskates

Where It All Started

Keaskates was established in 2020 with the mission to develop and expand the New Zealand skating culture and community, providing mobile skate maintenance for roller skates, inline skates and skateboards. Keaskates went live in in December 2020, debuting at New Zealand’s first aggressive roller skate jam competition and officially launched in April 2021.Keaskates colourful New Zealand Kea logo

The Journey So Far

Keaskates is based in Tamaki Makaurau - Auckland, New Zealand but travels to different areas of Aotearoa providing maintenance at skateparks, boardwalks and events.
Keaskates has very proudly supported the Valonia Bowl Jam in Auckland, New Zealand’s first aggressive roller skate competition. We have also supported our friends in Tauranga at the Vert Ramp Champs roller skate competition. Keaskates has recently expanded to include a retail branch! 

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Full Steam Ahead

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