Keaskates logo: Hidden meanings revealed!

I’m sure you’ve noticed our logo rollin' around…Our gentle green Kea with bold, bright red accents!
While you may be looking at a pretty, green bird, there is a lot going on beneath the surface! In this blog I’m going to break down the deeper meaning and symbolism behind our logo.

We wanted our logo to be meaningful and reflect Keaskates. We needed a logo that was going to represent our roots, our mission and our values.
We enlisted the help of a local Auckland skater, Kat Huffer (IG @miss.glowsome), to help us bring our ideas to life and with a little help from our community, we created the stunning Keaskates logo you know now!

Hidden meanings revealed:

The Kea Bird:

Kea are very cleaver, curious and cheeky, and native to New Zealand. They’re one of the most intelligent birds on the planet.
Here at Keaskates we let our curiosity lead and consistently build on our knowledge! We have regular training to be able to improve and expand how we can service the skate community, and use our creative problem-solving skills to tackle any challenges that come our way!

The Green Colours:

Our logo is inspired by our environment, our beautiful, green, New Zealand! Green connects us to our Kiwi roots; it represents nature and health.  The green colour can also represent growth, renewal and balance.

The Rounded Shape:

The rounded shape of our logo represents, Freedom and perpetual movement or change. The “flapping” wing of the Kea in flight signifies freedom and movement.
The circle outline of our bird and the white center of our logo, inspired by a wheel, representing the perpetual movement, or change. We like to come up with innovative ways to solve any challenges that arise, and ensure that our knowledge is sound through regular training and development.

The Hidden Koru:

The center of our logo has a hidden image of a Koru, bordered by the red colour, this represents our New Zealand roots. The Koru shape is based on the unfurling of a new Fern frond and is iconic Kiwiana. In traditional Maori the Koru can represent regeneration, new life and growth or development. It is a symbol of harmony.

The Red Colour:

Other than being a beautiful colour, it seemed only natural to include the red colour in our logo next to the Koru. Red, black and white are commonly used in Maori artwork and can be considered traditional Maori colours, the red representing Te Whei Ao, the realm of coming into being. The colour red can also signify passion, energy and action!

Which hidden meaning did you know already? Which one surprised you?
Let me know in the comments below!

- Kea x

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