Hey macarena team on roller skates posing in an empty carpark in cowgirl outfits.

“Get ready for a fun night of roller skating, glitter, outrageous outfits and cowboy hats! We're going bigger than ever before! You won't wanna miss it!” Auckland Roller Skating Party, Instagram 2021.

October 16th 2022
7:30pm – 10:30pm
Activzone - 28 Downing Street, Glenfield, Auckland.

December 4th 2022
7:30pm – 10:30pm
Activzone - 28 Downing Street, Glenfield, Auckland.

December 18th 2022
7:30pm – 10:30pm
Activzone - 28 Downing Street, Glenfield, Auckland.

ALIENS VS COWBOYS the main event!

That’s right! The Hey Macarena! team has done it again! This time, have your pick of partying as an alien or a cowboy and battle it out on the roller disco floor! There will be prizes for best dressed and other spot prizes!

…will the cowboys be outnumbered?!

                                                 Macarena Carrascosa dancingrainbow sprinkle donut
  • Announcing DJ group @LanezDJs (Instagram), known from GeorgeFM and Good as Gold fest, will be bringing the tunes. 
  • AND SPECIAL GUEST Auckland’s own roller skating Cowboy King, MC MONTY MONTGOMERY will be bringing the vibes!
                                                   DJ duo lanez djs Monty Montgomery in fluffy yellow jumper
  • Of course, Keaskates will be there to keep you rolling with our skate services and some awesome skate accessories and merch available for purchase!
Keaskates colourful New Zealand Kea bird, Activzone fleet repaired with Heel reinforcements and skate maintenance tools on a rainbow gradient background

“Back in July we were just space cowboys on our groovy journey through the galaxy but now we’ve made first contact with bizarre and sexy space creatures….and it’s WAR! Or perhaps forbidden romance…?
Come dressed in either your funkiest space cowboy getup or go full alien! There will be prizes for best dressed so get wild with it!”

We can’t wait to party with you SOON! Get your tickets, get your ‘fits ready and we’ll see you there!

hey macarena team dancing on skates
COVID 19 Strikes again!
Unfortunately, red alert is lasting a little longer than we’d all hoped! But not to worry, there is a back up date!
Intergalactic Roller Rodeo has been rescheduled to December 4th 2022, same time, same place! If you’ve already purchased your tickets, they will be automatically transferred to the new date!
We want to party with you!
The Hey Macarena! Team understands that if we all want this epic Roller Rodeo to happen this side of Christmas, the date needs to be moved one final time!
Third and FINAL DATE is December 18th Same time, same place!
with COVID 19 health and safety in mind, the team at Hey Mac are dedicate to bring you the most awesome and safe Intergalactic Roller Rodeo Possible! Again, the pre-purchased tickets have been automatically transferred!
See you in your most out- of- this – world outfits December 18th at 7:30!
Photo credit: Auckland Roller Skating Party, Instagram, 2021
The Pie Piper, Instagram, 2022
Keaskates 2021

Well, glorious, space disco people… WE FINALLY MADE IT!
Oh yes, the dedicated team from Hey Mac! pulled it off! After multiple date changes due to Covid 19 restrictions, the night was finally upon us! Everyone was so excited to get there and set up ready for the space invasion a few hours later, only for the good vibes to be sullied by the anxiety and fear of cancellation! When the Hey Mac! team arrived onsite, they were met with a slick, wet dancefloor! However, this didn’t stop them! Instead they snapped into action and dried the entire floor of Activzone Indoor Sports Arena, by hand, crawling around on hands and knees!
This event was happening!

Sure enough, the floor was dried in time, all thanks to a massive effort from Hey Mac! and Activzone, and the place looked amazing with all the sparkly, space décor! Soon blue aliens, green aliens, glowing aliens, glitzy cow-people and the cow who jumped over the moon, were pouring into Intergalactic Roller Rodeo for one space dance off no one is soon to forget!

Don’t miss out on the next roller skate party!
Make sure you keep watch for the next event!

- Kea x

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