Keaskates X Rollerskate_Fever PARK SKATE WORKSHOP!

Keaskates X Rollerskate_Fever PARK SKATE WORKSHOP!

LEFT - Kea Parker of Keaskates throwing a method air in the ramp at Orewa skatepark. RIGHT - Eira Jones of Rollerskate_fever throwing a melon air at Victoria skatepark. Both images on a red silk background

Join us these School Holidays for an EPIC Park Skating WORKSHOP!

Keaskates and Rollerskate-Fever are joining forces, for the first time, to bring you an in depth, 3-hour long workshop all about roller skating in the skatepark!

Whether it's your first time in the skatepark, or you're looking to expand your aggressive skating trick list, this workshop will have something new for you to learn in a fun and supportive environment!

Wednesday 12th (second week of school holidays)
10am - 1pm
Sonsk8 indoor skatepark 
Omaru Lane, Glen Innis, Auckland
Tickets just $50 for 3 hours!
Simply, book in and pay, all in one place!

Intro to park / Beginner

If it's your first time, or you've only been to the skatepark a hand full of times, join the Keaskates "Intro to park / Beginner" class where you'll learn the fundamentals for aggressive ramp and street skating!
You'll learn things like how to skate in a ramp; forwards and backwards, building confidence, airs (jumps), 180s in the park and stalls!

Intermediate / Advanced

If you already know how to pump, air and stall, join Rollerskate_Fever's "Intermediate / advanced" class where you'll learn how to level up your aggressive skating skills and open the door to new moves!
You'll learn things like slides, grinds, 180 stalls, spins (360 airs) and more advanced moves!

(We understand that everyone's skating journey looks a little different, so if there's something happening in the other class that you want to try, you're welcome to switch from one class to another throughout the workshop!)



For this workshop, we will be diving straight into an in-depth workshop all about PARK SKATING. We will not be teaching at the "learn to skate" level. Therefore, we recommend you already know how to skate forwards and stop confidently and know how to skate backwards and turn around.
Helmets and Knee pads are mandatory.
Other protective gear is recommended but optional.
Keaskates (Kea Parker) or Rollerskate_Fever (Eira Jones) will not take responsibility in the case of injury, damage or loss during this workshop.


Get your tickets here!
We can't wait to skate with you these school holidays!

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