Keaskates Lessons - All Ages Outdoor Friday - All Levels 5pm

Keaskates Lessons - All Ages Outdoor Friday - All Levels 5pm

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Join the fun on 8 wheels at Stanmore Bay Outdoor Court / Skatepark Fridays at 5pm!

Learn to skate outdoors for All Ages.
1 hour group lessons.

Whether it's your first-time skating, or you're a seasoned skater looking to expand your repertoire, our range of lessons have got you sorted!

From Beginner to Intermediate, during our 1 hour group sessions, we'll teach you the skills you need to get rolling, level up, and leave feeling excited and accomplished!

In our Outdoor classes you'll learn to level up your skating by building on skills you already know, learn how to dodge common obstacles, learn new moves and begin working on special skills needed for Park Skating and/or Dance Skating.

We focus on recreational skating outdoors, and we recommend bringing some protective gear along to our outdoor lessons (wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads and helmet).

After something a bit more challenging, check out our Special Skills Classes! (Or an indoor class!)